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Dana Burks-Hall

Being a part of Sister2Sister and going through the process of change and elimination was the best thing I could have done for myself. I was transformed with a renewed mind and chains were broken! 

Alumni 2017


Jasmine Godfrey

S2S has been a blessing to my life in many ways. First and foremost, it was an answered prayer! Through this group, I have gained the experience of being a part of a True sisterhood. The godly counsel, teachings, and sweet fellowship I've encountered truly displayed the love of God. The counselors have helped me grow in confidence, combat fear with faith, and embrace new beginnings! Forever grateful for this ministry and sisterhood.

Alumni 2018

Candace Smith

Sister2Sister was the start of my healing process. Minister Vickie, thank you for being obedient. I thank you for being a listening ear and reaching out to me. Your ministry has changed my life. Elder Brown, thank you for your spirit. You did not allow me to make excuses. Dr. Randall, thank you for your transparency. Sister2Sister, your dedication, and love mean the world to all of us.

Alumni 2020

H. Ramona Crayton

Being a graduate member of the Sister 2 Sister Gathering Discipleship program inaugural class of 2016 assisted in transforming my mind, renewing my heart, and preparing my hands ready to engage the world.  It also helped to bring me closer to God and explore spirituality and to dig deeper into the teachings of my faith.  2 Peter 3:18 says “But grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ...”  I am grateful for the blessed teachings, amazing experiences, and gaining lifelong bonds and sisterhood.


Alumni 2016 


Donise Grisby

Throughout the Discipleship Program, I was taught the Word of God and how to apply laws and principles to my life. I no longer dance to the rhythm of others. I rediscovered my own flow, and I like it and my rhythm. I have stopped rethinking and overthinking my past. I am focused n the present and creating my future. I now have expectations of myself, others, and expectancy of each day. 

Alumni 2020

Faidra Washington

View a video testimonial posted on the Sister2Sister Gathering Instagram page!


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