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Lisa Marie Fox

Lisa Marie Fox was born and raised in Newburgh, New York. Lisa Marie was healed of terminal cancer while attending The Rhema Prayer & Healing Center on the campus of Kenneth Hagin Ministries in Broken Arrow, OK in October 1995. Since that time she has dedicated her gifts of teaching and exhortation to healing clinics, preaching the gospel and the development of The Healing School.


May 8, 1999 marked the grand opening of The Healing School in Maryland. Under the direction of Mrs. Fox, the school serves as a place where anyone can come and rest in the presence of God, while being taught and reminded of His Word concerning health and healing. Sessions are open to the public whether one is experiencing symptoms, received a bad report from the doctor or just has a desire to sit under anointed teaching and ministry.


One does not have to be sick to come to The Healing School. All are encouraged to come while they are well, that they may learn how to continue to walk in divine health, observe principles of good nutrition, and how to minister God’s healing anointing to others. Lisa Marie and her staff also travel – taking The Healing School “on the road” to churches, retreats, conferences, community groups and homes.  Healing Schools have been established in New Windsor, NY; Clinton, Maryland; Stuggart, Germany; and Iquitos, Peru by Lisa Marie and The Healer’s House Ministries, Inc.


Lisa Marie graduated from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1988 with a BA in Broadcast Communications and Journalism. She spent a total of ten years between NBC in New York City and A&E Cable Networks in Connecticut, New York and Atlanta, and was a Launch Team member for The History Channel. She has also served as a media consultant for various non-profit organizations. Lisa Marie Fox received a certificate of completion of the requirements of the Mini-Med School at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine and is pursuing a solid understanding and working knowledge of health and nutrition.


In October of 2002 Lawrence & Lisa Marie were licensed and ordained as Pastors and established The Healer’s House Ministries, Inc. in Randallstown, MD, along with fellowships in Newburgh, NY, and New Oxford, PA. 

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